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2D&3D Game Development Company


App India Technology is the top leading 2D&3D game development company in USA, India and UK. APPINDIA created 30+a game product which that creative and unique concept games all over the world.

AppIndia Technology provides intuitive mobile game development service and 6+ years of rich experience in the gaming industry. We have dedicated our developer who developed 2D & 3D multiplayer games for android and iOS.

Our expert developers provide their best skill to understand your idea from the basics and improvement. Our developer worked with a famous game engine like unity, cocos2D, Unreal To develop a realistic gaming experience.

Our developer and designer help you turn innovative thoughts into beautiful Unity 2D&3D games by delivering real-time consulting. To access quality resources, you can employ specialist Unity developers from AppIndia Technology. Their team supports not only big game growers but also individuals worldwide. In today’s scenario, 66% of expert game developers believe in unity3D game development. 

2D&3D Game Development Company

End to End Game Development

At AppIndia Technology, we pursue a simple approach during the process of development with clients. Our game developers do their best to produce 2D and 3D games to ensure top-notch deliverables. We make sure we develop exciting games that have fantastic graphics and unparalleled levels of quality. For one platform, there’s no need to create a game and then port it to other platforms. After iPhone development, for example, game developers do not need to port it for Android development. One can save a lot of time, money, and effort with Unity3D. We have developed user-friendly and exclusive games since we have been in the gaming sector for a long time.

AppIndia could be the right option if you are looking for an attractive and engaging game development company. Using the latest instruments and techniques, we create custom games. For all the games we make, our dedicated developers concentrate on boosting user engagement. Our primary goal is to help clients attract the game’s target audience and experience the full ROI. We also have a service for mobile game marketing. If you want to make an awesome game or want to know more about us, contact us now.

Unity 2D & 3D Games For Immersive Games Experiences

Unity 3D is widely used for interactive games development. Web browsers as well as smartphones can access the games developed with unity 3D. The device can be used on various devices including Windows Phone, Wii U, PlayStation, Xbox 360, Blackberry, Android and iOS. Unity3D’s seasoned and talented game designers, working with AppIndia Technology, provide ideal design, graphics, artwork and user interaction solutions. Our development team from Unity3D shapes your concepts to the best experience possible.

Unity 2D & 3D is the trendiest and most robust gaming platform, empowering players with less time and less code to create games. As a game developing company, AppIndia Technology is a full platform designed to create fantastic gameplay and visualisation techniques. We have a team of talented Unity3D game developers who make rich, engaging games that satisfy the needs of the gamers. Clients will rely on us for a superb gaming experience for all of the games we have made.

We Build 2D &3D Games That Users Love

Whether you require an amazing Board game, we will help you get an entertaining game that keeps users stuck to their phones for hours. We have a team of game designers and programmers who are known for their lovely games. Our team makes the best games by Unity, Corona, Cocos 2D and many other techniques. From the project initiation to the efficient delivery of the game, AppIndia Technology works with clients The committed, professional developers who work with us have the latest resources to provide the customers with exceptional games.

Unity 2D & 3D Game creation, as its name indicates, implies making three-dimensional games that are appealing to play because they are so lifelike. The special effects made with Unity 3D can be so amazing that you can see the face of the player mirrored on calm water when shadows appear to fall behind the characters of the game naturally. If you are interested to make your own 3D game, you will need assistance from an experienced developer such as AppIndia Technology, If you don’t have a lot of experience with the Unity game engine technology. we can always assume the load for you as you find out what to do with your game once it’s launched.

3D Game Development Tools

unity for 3d game development tool


Unity is a cross-platform 2D-3D game development engine. On the other hand, Unity is a strong, fully-featured, commercial 3D game development framework for multi-platform games developed by Unity Technologies. Furthermore, It has a free edition for people to learn more, and you can publish your games with it for free, but it has some functionality disabled.

CryEngine for 3d game development tool


CryEngine designed by the German game developer Crytek is a 3D game development engine for Android and iOS platforms.  It continues to be updated to support new consoles and hardware for their games.

MonoGame for 3d game development tool


MonoGame is an open-source C# framework to develop 2D-3D games for multiple platforms and other systems. It supports iOS, Android, macOS, tvOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.