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Since its beginning in 2016, appindia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has grown from a game design firm to a full-fledged technology firm specialising on AR/VR, IoT, AI, and other new technologies. Some of the best game developers, AR/VR experts, designers, animators, and technology experts in the business make up our team. Constant innovation, we think, is the key to creating successful goods. We seek to blend creative vision, technological knowledge, and project management capabilities to ensure client satisfaction as a leading software development firm that is passionate and enthusiastic about experimenting with the latest emerging technologies.

mission & vision

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Since we know the difficulties that startups face in evolving within themselves, it is always in our interest to help organizations to expand beyond their capacity.


We strategically plan and technically implement all the modern innovations that improve the purpose of companies in a successful direction, , be it a start-up or an enterprise.

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Work Culture

We want to facilitate and encourage our staff to be innovative and creative in their ideas and execution. We believe in giving the team a holistic approach so that they may recharge their brains and refresh their creativity on a regular basis.

Customer Satisfaction

Although our experience, resources and technology are being invested in achieving their vision glitch-free, we regard our customers’ dreams as ours. We assume that our solutions will help organizations respond confidently to all impending business scenarios.

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Our Areas Of Expertise

We have a team of industry game development experts, and our seasoned team has a goal as well as a passion to be the world’s leading supplier of iOS game development services, Android game development, personalised game development, mobile e-learning games.

Android Game Development Service

We are able to design and add many functions to your games so that you can reach the targeted download marks even more interestingly. In every phase of development, we embrace our customer’s consent and try to add more creative integrations to the android game development interface to make it stand out.

iPhone Game Development Services

We are delighted with the world of game development and also create gaming apps that are rich in graphics design and captivating users so that our clients benefit from good returns and more benifits. We’re not only saying we can build iPhone killer game apps, but our active projects portfolio is talking on our behalf.

Multiplayer Game Development

AppIndia has extensive social gaming expertise, game development services and other areas, including board games, hyper-casual games, strategy games, and online games. Our services include gaming like management of users and wallets, back-office customization with advanced management tools, detailed financial.

Back-End Game Development

As the scalable architecture and networking servers become the critical core components of board games and apps, we provide server-side game development using node js, express js, MongoDB and AWS. Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game is the most common sub-genre in the world, where players assume Avatars.

2D & 3D Game Design

AppIndia – 2D & 3D Game Development Company with headquarters in India.  Our gaming company has specialist game designer and developer experience with a wide range of skills in various game engine design, 3d or 2d design integrated tool for creating 3D video games.

Native App Development

As a leading Native app development company, AppIndia provides android and iOS native app development services. Our Native Mobile App Developers have years of experience and are experts in creating the most engaged, high-quality mobile app.

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