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  • Technology : Unity3D
  • Genre : Board game 
  • Platform : iOS & Android
  • Type: Free to use with in-app purchases

Nowadays, The carrom pool game is the most famous in the world so, in the same way, AppIndia Technology has brought carrom board game development that smooth , easy to use, and players can compete with their friend from across the world.

AppIndia has been one of the best in class carrom board game development firms, with a praiseworthy team of game app developers who create top-of-the-line games for a variety of platforms. With simply the online multiplayer function, Online Multiplayer carrom board game delivers you the most classic and popular board game with exquisite features to the Google Play Store.

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Carrom Game Development Company

AppIndia Technology Pvt. Ltd. We developed the mobile game for all platforms that all games are user-friendly multiplayer game with great 3D graphics design.We are sure to be one of the strongest companies in the development of carrom games, with the end aim of getting happy clients around the world. To achieve outstanding results, we have a team of professionals working with the latest tech.

Hey, did you know that India is one of the top five game-development countries in the world? Traditional Indian mobile board game development, such as ludo, Teen Patti, Poker Card, and others, is rapidly growing…

Top-Notch Carrom Game Development service

Are you looking forward to opening your very own Carrom Gaming App? If so, you can get the best app from our extremely talented and trustworthy game development community.The most innovative game portal is being developed with the use of the latest technologies and highly advanced server and security systems.

In only a few weeks, will you make your car app go live, even with a minimum investment and zero hosting costs? You really can’t imagine that? Email our customer service staff to give it a chance. Going to launch a live chat with our customer service executive.

Hire Carrom Game Developer

In the convergence of architecture, innovation and planning, our company gives a comprehensive path relying on user experience. Our team’s key goal is to extend all the necessary modules that are required to safely compile the gaming product for the widest player base.

We make sure that the carrom game clone script is compatible with the preferences of the client and quickly draws customers. Our team produces highly immersive gaming applications with high content and unrivalled functionality. a large array of operating systems and focused on many genres, as a world-leading developer.

Modes Of Carrom Game

Various of the mode you can include in your own carrom game. Basically, We have developed 3 modes in our game application there you can play friend, computer, and local multiplier.

Play With The Computer

Here, you play with the computer without the internet, also known as the boat, with the help of you can increase your playing strategies.

Play With Your Friends

This mode has been very interesting because gamers can play in a person with a known person like a family member, college friends.

Play With Local Multiplayer

In this mode, the user can play randomly worldwide with the local multi-player. (the player is chosen by the game server.

MultiPlayer Worldwide

Users must compete against multiplayer, which can include friends and family members, in this mode.

Features Of Carrom Game App

AppIndia Technology is one of the best game development companies in the UK. Before development, you must know about the features of the carrom board game.

Easy to play

More useful features in carrom because gamers will be addictive when your game is realistic and easy to use.

Simple user interface

Everywhere look is matter therefore AppIndia technology created the best UI design for a carrom board game.

Android and iOS platform

Carrom is the most popular game in India as well as abroad for that AppIndia developed in both platforms, android&iOS. 


The Multiplayer feature allows you to play with your friend family and many more.

How much it Cost to develop Carrom Game Application ?

Our rough estimate of Carrom Board Game Clone app development charges between $35,000-$50,000.

The costs of developing an app for a small company.

The costs of developing an app for a middle-sized company

An enterprise-level organization’s app development costs


Our rough estimate of Carrom Board Game Clone app development charges between $35,000-$50,000.

What makes an app fascinating are the different features and functionalities. You would not be able to compete in this market unless you have innovative and special features.

however, there are several features that your game must provide. Below are the features that your  carrom gaming app should have:

  • Astonishing UI/UX
  • Illustrated Game Rules
  • Voice Chat & Video Chat Option
  • Refer and Play Together
  • Different tournament

It would cost you extra if you have specialized and newer features in addition to standard features. It’s critical to attract a huge user base and convince them that the game is profitable.

You will explore the features you want to add with your hired Carrom Board Game development company and decide what to do next.

Technology And Solution

AppIndia offers customers worldwide end-to-end game developing services. From conceptualisation to implementation we can run projects of all sizes.

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Why Choose AppIndia Technology?

AppIndia technology has a rich experienced developer who is an expert in game development as well as game designing and believes in the latest technology. AppIndia technology is the best Board game development service provider that can convert your idea into the real gaming world.

  • Expert Game Developer: Our developer is passionate about game development as well as who have strong physics knowledge.
  • Expert Game Designer: Appindia’s designer strong creative as well as able to work on different design software.
  • 24×7 Technical Support: Get an instant solution to your problem with our business development executive
  • On-Time Delivery: We have good-time management skill & believes on-time delivery.
  • Smart Solution: we can provide our smart idea to your game and application because We have rich experience in application and game development.
  • Customized Solutions: We partner with our clients to help them reach their desired outcomes now and again. To suit all your unique needs, our flexible arrangements are suggested


Our team is committed to providing our gaming clients with the right options and we have thus continuously met their expectations. With time-saving and cost-effective gaming solutions, we have established a standard in the industry.

We will provide you with an appropriate game app that will ensure your progress and financial gain. The carrom game software is used by a variety of people to profit from the huge demand.

Our business works hard to provide you with a fantastic user interface as well as dependable carrom game development support. Hiring our team for carrom game development would provide you with a more tailored experience.

Yes, actually. Read through our “How to Play” segment to learn about the game’s rules, beginner guides, and other game tactics.

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