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AppIndia Technology helps you to design, develop, and marketing of your game from beginning to finish. as well as we provide comprehensive existing game development service for your game.

Appindia Technologies is a game development company in India and the canada. With a highly trained staff of developers, we provide innovation and innovative game development. We provide bespoke video game development services all around the world and can assist you in providing customised solutions. Our team of specialists works hard to fulfil your software technology requirements and to identify all elements that may be used to improve user experience.

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AppIndia Technologies  is a Top Game Development company for mobile game in USA, India and UK. The world has changed from traditional lifestyle to digital lifestyle so that we can notice that many things change a lot every day. In order to keep up the constant atmosphere we need some stimulation of our mood which helps us to be inspired and moralized so that we can better increase our mood and learn new things through the play of Games.

We are constantly in love with our smart work and we like digitalization and planning to work smart. Mobile games of various kinds not just delight us, but also help us highlight our expertise.

Our game designer And Developer Are Passionate About Game Development

We specialize in providing High Definition Graphic design to our client. As one of the best game development services provider company across the global gaming sector. We ready to provide end to end best game development service for an affordable game development company. AppIndia company game development services cost is very affordable compare to the market.

Moreover, we have 30+ game artist, designer and developer who have rich experience in unity3D, cocos2D, unreal, computer games as well as technology like HTML and many more for developed curious and addictive games. Additionally, we empower our clients to turn their creative ideas into games by offering high-quality, cost-effective solutions. With innovative ideas, our talented programmers are designing prototypes, animations and entertaining games.

Hire Game Developer And Designer

Our specialists are continually updated on the latest developments and therefore deliver the most exclusively crafted premium games that are being produced with the very unique needs of the company in mind. The experts working with us have the right expertise, experience and understanding to create the highly secure and most successful end products with the use of the modified framework for Android and iOS.

We are the leading mobile game developer that is deeply familiar with the expectations of the consumer and designs apps accordingly. Our experts are incredibly diligent to include games that are both versatile, formatted and modified by nature.

Our Game Development Services

Strong codes developed by our skilled programmers serve as the foundation for AppIndia’s game development service. Our mobile game development service is built around speed and achievement.

Android Game Development Service

The product delivered will be 100% bug-free and compatible with the latest version of Android. we have created an Android game development company with simple accessibility as well as a unique user interface. 

iPhone Game Development Services

We have a good portfolio of iPhone games, great user feedback and a close-knit team of enthusiastic developers who are very knowledgeable about game development. In order to make a potentially great game, this is a successful match.

2D & 3D Game Development Service

AppIndia Technology provides an intuitive mobile game development service and 6+ years of rich experience in the gaming industry. We have dedicated our developer who developed 2D & 3D multiplayer games for android and iOS.

Unity3D Game Development Service

We turn your concept into a profitable 3D games, multi-million dollar reality and offer exciting model and animations gaming experience to your clients. AppIndia’s aims to deliver unity3D gaming solutions that are top-notch.

AR-VR Game Development Services

We are one of the leading VR game development companies that have created games of any complexity that are also highly engaging user. The applications are versatile and can provide an enormously high level of efficiency

Cocos-2dx Game Development Service

You will take your gaming app to the next level with Cocos2D platforms for a professional look that works on Android, Windows, and iOS. You don’t have to pay money to use this platform because it’s open source and totally free.

Game Art Designing Service

AppIndia technology also known as the best game art designing Service Provider in the mobile app and game development market. You can hire our game designer to design a mobile app UI-UX and game assets.

2D-3D asset Development

Beautiful graphics and works of art are vital in order to make an addictive 3D-2D game. Character, panorama, cars, articles, weapons and even dresses are all very detailed creations that are based on true graphics in today’s games.

3D Modeling & Animations

The best developers in 3D animation realize how important it is for the audience to create an exciting theme and storyline that makes them want to play the game. 

Game Wireframe Design

A confusing process is the wireframe designing for android & iPhone 3d  games. Even you have rich graphics in your game that don’t let users come back and play or interact with them.

art designing

Development Services With Different Genres

Our client says we put their imagination into reality. Besides, we also have our products listed in the marketplace. Our purpose is to provide games that entertain passionate players.

Multiplayer Games

A multiplayer is called any game that requires more than one player. A game with multi-players is typically played over the Phone, but it can also be a game playing over a LAN or dial-up network.

Casino Games

Casino Games are our main priority of our casino developers. Slot machines, Poker, Bingo,  Roulette, Fortune Wheel, Blackjack and other major casino games have been developed by professionals

Quiz Games

This type of game Mostly played in school and the learning centre(LMS) to enhance knowledge and brainpower. So we bring high-performance solutions for our clients. 

Sports Games

A multiplayer is called any game that requires more than one player. A game with multi-players is typically played over the Phone, but it can also be a game playing over a LAN or dial-up network.


Racing Games

Our racing games are completed with attractive, eye-catching design, outstanding graphics. Our outstanding team of developers develops numerous popular cycling and car racing games.


Board Games

Working with us in every possible measure will be helpful for your business. AppIndia fulfils all needs and offers its customers the finest board game development service.

Technology We Use For Game Development

AppIndia offers customers worldwide end-to-end game developing services. From conceptualisation to implementation we can run projects of all sizes.

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