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How To Develop Dream11 Fantasy Clone Application?

How To Develop Dream11 Fantasy Clone Application?India is a multi-sports nation where a variety of games are played is a daily basis. A game like; Football, Tennis, Hockey, soccer is mainly followed and play a dream11 fantasy.

Out of these cricket hold majority share, in both terms of following and playing. In India cricket is a horribly popular game among kids that they frequently play a “gally-cricket”.

In India over the year have arranged world class cricket league. People like and enjoy this league and it gave the platform to the relatively unknown players to become a hero.

What is Dream11 Fantasy Application?

Recently, Dream11 is one of the most popular and trending fantasy application in India. Dream11 is a fantasy mobile application for a sports league.

Dream11 is successfully formed and niche among sport lover and continue to offer great sports games. It has become the biggest name in the fantasy sports mobile application.

It is a simplistic fantasy sports platform that allows a user to play a fantasy sport like cricket, football, kabaddi, and hockey games.

This application is popular because it allows the participant to win some quick money. It allows the user to choose a sport from a wide range of variety.’s admire a user.

Dream11 is an online game where a user creates a virtual team of real-life players and earn points based on their performance of these players in real matches.

A user who scores the maximum points in their joined contest attains the first rank on the leader-board. Dream11 offers free and paid contests.

A user has to pay a certain low fee to join a contest and can win real cash. For participating in a Dream11 game, a user must be at least 18 years old.

If participate have good knowledge and skill then they can win a significant amount of money from each game play.

Here are some features to develop Dream11 clone application:

Feature For Participant:

1) User Registration
Login is probably the first and most important features that need to present in the application. To participant in contest user must log in and create an account. To create an account, a user provides their details like email ID, contact number and user name, etc.

2) Supreme Screen
A supreme screen is the home screen where the user will land after the login. In this screen provide several sports that choose by a user. Participant must be filtered result by sports, date, tournament and so on.

3) Select Match
In the main screen, a user can filter a sports match for their convenience. There is a sport like Cricket, Football, Hockey, and NBA. When the sport is select user can able to select upcoming match details and play.

4) Create a Team
When a user selects a match for their convenient they redirect to the creative team features. A user can select a player like 1 wicket-keeper,5 batsmen,2 all rounder and 3 bowlers from credit rating.

5) Contest Page
In this page, contest details are provided. A participant will able to see the contest details; in their dream11 clone app. The details can filter their amount of fees, winning rang, contest type and contest size.

6) Manage Profile Details
A user can manage their profile details like change contact number, change user name and so on. And they also check their reward point gained, manage account details, bonus, transaction history, option to add cash, referral code option and etc.

Features For Admin :

1) Manage Contest and Games

This feature is most important to manage and adjusting the different game ongoing. From these features, the admin can manage all game categories, edit, delete and add game and contest details.

This feature is most important to manage and adjusting the different game ongoing. From these features, the admin can able to manage all game categories, edit, delete and add game and contest details.

2) Manage user account

With these features, an admin has the ability to manage user entire account. Admin has edited, delete and deactivate the user account.

3) View earning and reward
The fantasy application is most popular for the rewards and earnings for an individual. Using this feature, an admin will be able to get full details about their earnings.

4) Report Manager
The report manager features allow the application admin to get access to various reports like players ranking reports, earning reports and so on.

Dream11 Application Revenue Model:

AppIndia is a leading mobile apps & game development company in India. Considering millions of fantasy cricket teams playing every single day on Dream11, it is hard to predict the exact revenue being earned by Dream11 each day but based on a given contest, the number of teams, winning amount and entry fee for each contest it is possible to calculate a lump sum revenue.

Every day Dream11 launches 15-17 high-valued contests and 20-30 low-valued contests with a total winning amount ranging from INR.3 Crore(US$4,50,000) to as minimum as INR.5,000(US$75).

Putting all the above calculations together Dream11 would earn revenue of INR.4-6 Crores(US$6,00,000-9,00,000) from each match.

Keeping the popularity of sports in mind not only with cricket but Dream11 also allows other sports fans like football, hockey, and NBA to make their dream team and experience the excitement of fantasy sports with real sports hand-to-hand.

Why Should You Invest Dream11 Clone Application?

If you want to develop an app like dream11 for your business; the development of apps like dream11 requires lots of time and money. You need to hire web and app development teams for your manual app development systems.

If you use the ready-to-use dream11 app clone script, you start your business within a week with your customization. You can easy to manage the help the whole system with the help of a powerful dashboard.

If you want to develop an app like dream11 for yourself it takes more time. White Label Fox provides the best solution and services for the dream11 application. We provide 100% customize dream11 clones for your business.