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How word games help your kids in the covid-19 of homeschooling.

How Word Games Help Your Kids in Homeschooling During the pandemic.

To deter the spread of new coronaviruses, countries across the world have closed their borders and implemented a strict lockdown. Although we all live in difficult and unusual circumstances, working parents, who are also tasked with parenting their children, have found it somewhat more difficult. So, while most of us have been coping with the tough transition from work to home, another challenging struggle is successfully educating children at home.

This can surprise you, but word games, even though you’re on mobile telephones and spell control, are important to teach orthography. It is particularly worrying now that orthography is no longer taught in classrooms, and society seems to have little interest. If you have read your child’s hand-written book reviews and instantly doubt the viability of your chromosomes if you have never read them it might be time to plan a family game night.

17 Free Online Mobile Word Games Make Fun When Homeschooling


Device: android | iOS

Language: English

This text-based word game is great for the brain. Enjoy classic word puzzles such as word searches, anagrams, and crosswords! Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape backgrounds to relax and unwind.

Make as many links as possible in order to find as many secret words as possible! Unlock breathtaking nature backgrounds to relax your mind and take a break from your everyday routine. After playing this addictive word puzzle game, you’ll never be bored again! You won’t be able to lay this crossword puzzle down until you’ve finished it. Do you like word games such as word connect and word find? This is your last destination!

Wordsearch pro

Device: android | iOS

Language: English

Word Search Pro is a word puzzle game. An addictive classic word game, now in a pro version but still available for free. All should do it. With three stages of play, words from 18 different types, and auto-created boards, you’ll have a new board every time.

Word search pro is the word search game that over 10 million users can’t get enough of! It’s ideal for fans of crossword, word bind, and word anagram games, as it combines the best of word find games and word quest pro puzzles. Not to mention all of the beautiful scenery you will enjoy to unwind!

Word Connect - Word Games Puzzle

Device: android | iOS

Language: English

On Android, there are thousands of word games, but this one is interesting and entertaining. Word games may be simple or complex, but this word link game is suitable for all ages. Some word games can be mentally draining, but Word Connect maintains a strong mix between enjoyment and challenge.

Many related word games exist, but this word link would undoubtedly stand out. Word games are entertaining, but this word link game is much more enjoyable. This word link is just what all word game fans deserve.

Word games for kids, word games for adults, and word games for entertainment. Consolidate your word connect experience, sharpen your word connect abilities, and triumph over the world connect challenges.

Word Find - Word Connect Free Offline Word Games

Device: android | iOS

Language: English

Experience the crossword puzzle and word quest with amazing graphics! In the word cross-game, you can even create an oxford dictionary if you notice a few words accidentally.

The key objective of this word puzzle is to use these lines and to combine them into the one-word cross. It is very easy to play. Take the letters to construct word town and connect them! Train to master new vocabulary about the brain. All. You will use this key to search the target terms and solve the word riddle together in a crossword jigsaw.

Word Cross Puzzle: Best Free Offline Word Games

Device: android | iOS

Language: English

Join thousands of players in the Word games, train your brain, learn new vocabulary, and spin on the letter blocks, figure out as many words as you can! Check for android in the best word game.

Slide your finger and drag the letters in order to get the word correct. Find all the words and fill up the blank block of the crossword. To change letter location, tap Shuffle. Tap Hints if you need any assistance, the first letter of the words can be shown. You can even tap “Ask friends” when you get lost, share the puzzle with friends and find the solution. by buying or seeing videos you may get more clues about coins.

Word Heaps - Swipe to Connect the Stack Word Games

Device: android 

Language: English

Word Heaps is Word geniuses word puzzle game! Use hints to find every word secret! Play your brain and practice it! There is a CLUE for any puzzle. Sweep letters correctly into secret words of a particular topic.

For word lovers, it’s a dream word game. Download the word puzzle game and enjoy it! Now play word heaps! Play word heaps! You’re going to find it too addictive and can’t just drop your tablet. Many related word games are available but this one would surely stand out. Smart words games, brilliant word games, master word games!

Word Piles - Search & Connect the Stack Word Games

Device: android | iOS

Language: English

Word Piles’s a thrilling TRUE WORD puzzle game! Focus on finding all the secret words! It begins as a simple word game and is demanding! Play your brain and practice it!

For word lovers, it’s a dream word game. Download the word puzzle game and enjoy it! Play the stacks of words now, you can’t get the screen off. You will find it too addictive. Young Word games, intelligent text games, enjoyable word games.

Word Search - Classic Find Word Search Puzzle Game

Device: android 

Language: English

The puzzle is a traditional word search game! Train the word search game in your brain and vocabulary. Combining the best characteristics of finding words, crossword search, and everyday challenges for more gift service.

It is a fun way to improve your language, orthodoxy and puzzle.

Search boards for food, livestock, towns, nations, travel, homes, colours, sports are developed using many essential subjects. Are you suited to answer hundreds of questions?

Wordscapes Uncrossed

Device: android 

Language: English

It’s a pleasure to play this new word scramble! You’re surprised at the number of words in five, six and seven letters. Play and show your peers how inspirational you are. How much can you release new puzzles?

Everybody wants any now and then a break from life. A short word contest is a good way to get away from frustration and keep your brain sharp! The perfect word game for stress relief when solving enjoyable word puzzles is Wordscapes Uncrossed. Uncrossed download Wordscapes and experience beautification and relaxation while you practice your mind!

Word Search: Hidden Words

Device: android 

Language: English

Each level includes countless categories of theme word quest covering a mixture of fun and teaching! Find Hidden Words Words Quest: Hidden Words! is a simple, classic word search game that you can enjoy with friends! More excitement is available.

You are addicted to Word Search: Hidden Words if you like trivials, crossword puzzles or popular word games like Scrabble, Wordscapes and Word cookies!

Word Tiles: Relax n Refresh

Device: Android | iOS

Language: English

Promote communication and alleviate tension by Word Tiles: relax and refresh the brand-new word search game. Relax in a quiet setting, with soft music and peaceful sounds of the world, and find all of the words in stacks of letter tiles. Take it one move at a time and empty your mind while you word for word solve puzzles.

For someone who likes words and needs a bit more calmness in their day, Relax is the great twist of classic word seeking and anagram jigsaw.

Word Mind: Crossword puzzle

Device: Android | iOS

Language: English

Word Mind: the puzzle in every language of the word game by Crossword!

Train your brain in a soothing botanical garden with thousands of complex words and unscramble puzzles. Test the word wise, unlock the vocabulary ladder and get new levels.

Word Mind: Easy-starting with the crossword puzzle, but gradually becoming harder – unlock new levels with increasingly complex puzzles! How many puzzles can you solve with anagram crossword?

Word Scroll - Search & Find Word Games

Device: Android | iOS

Language: Multi-language

Get a free & extremely addictive word puzzle game from your brain! Best word game for stress relief while solving interesting word puzzles.

Word Scroll is an addictive, fast-moving game of words. Your task is to find the right words before time runs out on a rolling board consisting of letters. To get through the game you will need sharp and swift thinking. Test your vocabulary and gain lots of coins would be a challenge!


Device: Android | iOS

Language: English

Complete the theme with puzzles and go from a plain Newbie Word to a Super Word Mastermind! Even the hardest brainians are challenged by the increased level of complexity of subjects varying from food to space.

WordBrain2 was developed by MAG Interactive with love and we’re passionate about it. Join an over 250 million players worldwide audience and see some of our other hit chart games like Ruzzle, Word Domination or Wordalot!

Some Useful Tips To Make A Successful Word Mobile game.

Mobile games are currently at their highest point. The best choice of entertainment for games is because of the condition of Covid-19. Moreover, if you like the advantages of the above-noted word games and want to design your own word game, here are a few tips that allow you to create the ideal word game for children.

Relate the word content with the school syllabus and daily routine life

The challenge faced by the viewer is based on every good app. Find out the audience in your software by creating a word app. Then, if the game is not based on knowledge and is based on topics such as English, world and history. First, you can search your target audience’s program system and then add subjects or lessons from their subject matter only.

If you introduce subjects that are not on a curriculum, the children won’t play your game, or the parents won’t help your game because your game won’t give them the experience they need in accordance with their curriculum.

Word with gamification

You should always note during the creation of an educational game that this is a type of game app, and so it should be an enjoyable game before it is something. Your app’s experience should be focused on the game, and the second emphasis should be the education portion. The kids won’t favour your game if the game isn’t enjoyable.

Make sure that your game is enjoyable and entertaining, and not like other apps that you are learning. You should take a brainstorm to develop a strategy to turn the subjects into an enjoyable game learning experience. Create and pass prototypes only when you feel like learning and having fun.

Make splash screen sweet and attractive

The first screen which appears when the app is launched is the Splash screen. Since the game is for children everything should be formed in the head. The very first thing about children is they’re impatient, and they can’t wait. The splash screen you make should then only be a couple of seconds for your launch. i.e. 8-5.5 seconds, not more.

In addition, the splash screen is bright and fun for the children. It’s short and appealing. Only a few words and no lines should be available so that it looks short and sweet.

Hire The Right Game Development Company.

The game’s content and success are largely determined by the organization or developers who create it. With a team of expert engineers, incredible programmers, and great storytellers, AppIndia Technologies provides top-notch word games development services. Our game – based learning services cater to the needs of everyone from children to millennials to corporate messiahs, so we can create the perfect interactive games for your target audience.