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IOS Game Development



AppIndia technology is developing 30+ games in the most secure OS. As well as, AppIndia India designed games for both iPhone and iPad.






iOS is the world’s most advanced operating system. Using iOS, you can now use cutting-edge technologies to build games and apps for augmented reality experiences. The iOS devices rank #1 for their smooth UI, so designing games with better UI/UX is a huge challenge.

With the focus on creating the best iOS game, today we’re a leading iOS game development company in India. Our stunning designers and skilled developers understand the rapidly growing trends; providing the best outputs for iPhone and iPads. 

Our client says we put their imagination into reality. Besides, we also have our products listed in the marketplace. Our purpose is to provide games that entertain passionate players.

Nonetheless, we have a robust testing system which ensures bug-free programming and compatibility with various iOS devices.

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iPhone and iPad game development

iPhone game development:

We have a good portfolio of iPhone games, great user feedback and a close-knit team of enthusiastic developers who are very knowledgeable about game development. In order to make a potentially great game, this is a successful match.


as one of the top iPhone game development firms, this is not a shocking figure, considering the iPad’s strong graphics capabilities and the prevalence of mobile gaming in today’s world. Previously, the procedure was to merely upgrade iPhone software for use on the iPad.

iphone and ipad game developmnt tools


Cocos2D – an open-source framework used to build games, apps along with cross-platform GUI. SpriteSheet editing, particle editing, font editing and Tilemap editing, as well as world editors including SpriteBuilder and CocoStudio, are some independent editors in the cocos2d community. Cocos2d contains many branches with the best known being Cocos2d-objc, Cocos2d-x, Cocos2d-html5 and Cocos2d-XNA.

Marmalade Juice

Marmalade Juice is an award-winning iOS platform game development tool. The tool comes along all Marmalade licenses including Community. It allows the developers to use Xcode, Objective-C and all the iOS APIs to deploy to Android including the Google Play or Amazon App Store. It is said that Marmalade is a high-performance and cross-platform engine for creating iOS games.

Build Box

Buildbox is a new generation no-code development platform. It is used to create games without any programming, coding or scripting. If you’re looking for developing games without having the technical knowledge, you can use this platform. The core audience using this software are entrepreneurs, designers and other gaming enthusiasts without having prior game development or coding experience.

Genres for iPad Game Creation

casino games

Everyone likes to play sometimes. We don’t all win badly, but the true joy is not winning in games.

Sports fantasy game

A virtual team of real players in sports where you get them together. Using numbers in real life that are transformed into fantasy points, you win points.


multiplayer games

A multiplayer is called any game that requires more than one player. A game with multi-players is typically played over the internet and VLAN.

quiz game

This type of game Mostly played in school and the learning centre to enhance knowledge and brainpower.


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