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Ludo Game Development Company

how much does it cost to develop a game app like ludo?

Ludo – the king of a board game is played between two to four players, where the players are given four tokens each and they need to start and finish according to the rolls of a single dice. did you ever think about ludo game development cost and per day of earning?

This strategy board game can be played by all ages people like kids, young and old. Ludo is very similar to the Indian game Pachisi but quite simple. The game is very popular in many countries but with different rules and variations. 

The game originates from the dramatic point of the Indian epic Mahabharata and since then is a great board game to spend your time with friends and family. 

AppIndia has come up with mobile ludo to bring back your nostalgic moment with a classic royal look and amazing graphics. The game is available for Android on Play Store. Download it today for free and enjoy your childhood again.


Features of Ludo Game

  •  Invite your friends to enjoy the game 

With the Ludo application, players can value their cherished recollections by playing with their loved ones on a private board. With no obstacle, they can make the room and send the code to join their companions. 

  • Offline Mode 

Presently here is the following significant element that engineers ought to incorporate in the Ludo portable application. It permits the players to utilize an application in the offline mode.   

  • Cross functionality 

Ludo game code upholds cross-usefulness highlight. Here there are a few working frameworks and creating code for an individual working framework including Android, iOS, and the web can be tedious and increment the costs of advancement.   

  • Single/Multiplayer

Online Ludo games offer single and multiplayer both the choices to the players. It opens the open door for the players to play the game with their loved ones. This is how they can love the memory of their youth. 

Mode Of Ludo Game   

  • PC Mode

With PC mode, players can without much of a stretch play the Ludo Plus game in a straightforward technique. Players can pick their shading/colour and decide on the 2 or 6 players.   

  • Local Mode

Clients can manually play in local mode. It offers them an assortment regarding shading and offers an inclination to the players. 

  • Multiplayer Mode

Presently this is the best mode and favoured by the players. With the multiplayer mode, players can play with their loved ones from anyplace on the planet. Indeed, even players can play online too.   

  • Challenge Mode  

The players can likewise challenge different players and welcome them to play. It will expand energy and will be a good time for them.  


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