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Ludo King Game Clone App Development Cost

Ludo King Mobile Game App Development, Cost And Key Features

Ludo King Game!

What strikes into your mind when you hear this word? 

Certainly, a group of two to four friends or family members sitting around on board and making a buzz of joy. 

But, in this era of technology where people can not sit a second without their smartphones, can we imagine they can sit around a board and play games? I do not think so!

And this is where the mobile game comes to your aid. We’ve seen people now playing games on their smartphones with the same excitement and eagerness to know other participant’s moves. The board games being played by dice and tokens are now transmuted into the smartphones. 

People completing their hectic work and study schedule can connect their family and friends from different cities and states, teasing, laughing, and enjoying board games right on their fingers. 

But, have you ever given a thought on how these games have been developed? How do kids, their family, and friends play hasslefree on mobile devices with great UI and UX of the games? What are the features? etc.

Don’t you want to develop an application like LUDO KING, someday?

The Most Accessible Game Application – Ludo King!

Ludo King is a strategic, popular, and most accessible game app, these days. Ludo game is an advanced version of the ancient Indian game called Pachisi. It can be played on a smartphone anytime, anywhere with anybody all over the world. The highly ranked Ludo King App is seizing the attention in the gaming market. A cloned app or similar gaming app like Ludo King is a desire by a lot of Entrepreneurs today!

By moving 4 tokens from the respective starting point of each player to the centre of the board, commonly referred to as Home, is the objective of the game. The one reaches the home first, wins the game.

The mobile game has 4 modes that make it popular: Vs Computer, Local Mode, Online Multiplayer, and Private Multiplayer which makes it quite interesting to play as per the user preferences. This cross-stage multiplayer preface supports devices like Android, Desktop, Windows, and iOS.

Basic Steps Involved In The Development Of The Application Like Ludo Game:

  • Activity Prior Development:

The documentation idea, the design of the game, and project planning must be completed before starting the development of the game application.

  • Development Phase:

The actual development begins, once you’re done with prior activities. During this phase, the programming must be completed, audiovisual should be created and quality checks should be done.

  • Activity After Development:

Activities including customer service, support and maintenance fall under this category.

Important Factors That Should  Be Considered While Designing Clone Application Like Ludo King:

Some of the factors like Design, User Interface, UX, Platform for app launching, and its accurate testing are quite essentials for building any application. Here’s the brief intro of each factor that should be considered very seriously are as follows:

  • Design Of The Game:

The success of the online gaming system completely depends upon the experience of the users. If you fail to provide your users with a remarkable experience with design, UI, and concept, your company will be shut off in no time. For instance, just think as a user how impressive it’d be if the application is user friendly, with well-managed user interface and graphics, and perfect chores of sound and images. 

The purpose is to say that, the design of the perfect game involves a sufficient amount of money and time. The goal over here is to grab the attention of the user and make them addictive. A developer with experience and good knowledge in the industry of gaming should be the top selection to make simple and decent yet engaging design templates.

  • Platform To Design And Launch Application:

The selection of the features and specifications of the application is based on the platform on which it would get launched. The cost of the application depends upon the platform you chose. Our gaming solutions work on all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and React Native are some of the common hence widely used platforms. Among these, the android platform costs high, unless there are various devices to test the application.  

  • The Size Of Application:

The creation of a mobile application would be incredible when the scale is more obvious. The features, capacities, and the additional components you would like to include, depends upon the size of the application. On the other hand, you can say that the application size can be determined by the size of the components (themes, designs, players, etc) you’d like to include.  

Testing Of Game Application:

While playing, no gamer would like to face glitches, bugs, or interference. Moreover, to provide an astounding experience to the users, a guaranteed bug-free gaming application is a must-have. Hence, it is required to test gaming application on various stages of mobile devices by developers, to render a bug-free application. This testing procedure is the most basic and perspective part, that no game engineer can skirt it.

General Features of Ludo King Application:

  • Functionality over the various platforms: 
  • Multiplayer/Single-Player Mode
  • Local and Online Multiplayer Mode
  • Easy to use interface
  • The real-time live chat feature
  • Global ranking on the number of tournaments won
  • Playroom share code with friends who wants to join the room
  • The facility of inviting and participating in a tournament
  • Achieving mission in Ludo, by completing various levels
  • Earn rewards by referring people, beating friends, and playing with your loved one’s
  • Option to invite friends from Facebook to a specific game room
  • Sound ON/OFF option

Admin Features of Ludo King Application:

  • Admin Login Authentication
  • Management of App Version
  • Tournaments Management
  • Application User Management
  • Chat Management
  • Block Reported Users
  • Notifications
  • Coins and Wallet Management
  • CMS (Content Management System) to Manage the Creation and Modification of Digital Data of Users 

What is the cost of developing an application like Ludo King?

It’s quite difficult to determine the exact quotation unless you finalize and discuss all your requirements with developers. AppIndia is a leading mobile apps & game development company in India. It’s necessary to outline the prerequisite that needs to be placed in the development process, before assessing cost and time. The general cost will obviously scale up if the portfolio of the engineer is solid with some past experience. The cost will directly rely on the designer you recruit.

As stated, the number of features to be added in the application decides the overall cost. Let’s say if someone wants to develop a straightforward and essential design, the development cost would be lesser and contrariwise. If you want to add an application platform, game app testing, or other features the cost will vary equivalently. In simple words, the better the features, the higher will be the expenses. The basic reference of the average cost for the application would be calculated as:

  • If you plan to develop a game application with basic functionality and limited feature, the cost would near around $5,000
  • If you plan to develop a game application with a wide audience targeted and advanced features and functionality, the cost would near around $10k – $15k
  • Moreover, the development partner plays an important role in deciding the cost.


As you’ve realized the important features, would you wish to develop the same gaming application? You just need to push yourself a bit and let our expert team structure a similar game application like Ludo King, with all the features referred to above! We’re here to help you anytime, with our master engineers to change your fantasy into reality. 

Let The Ideas Roll!