1 Line Game

1 Line

Play 1LINE-Puzzle Game One Touch Drawing game and increase your IQ level.

One Line One Touch Draw Everything.

1LINE-Puzzle Game with One Touch is a simple way to get some brain exercise. one line is a great mind challenging game with simple rules. Just try to connect all the dots without breaking the line.

Train your brain and mind with an amazing puzzle game.

 There are 10 tiers, and there are 500 stages in total. 

 It begins with basic shapes at first, but the number of lines increases every time your level increases, and it becomes more and more complicated. 

 Early on, you might think it’s too easy. Clearing the basic phases, however, is also necessary. 

 The ideas for clearing the latter, more challenging phases can all be found dispersed through the quick phases. 

Few particular types of line can also be seen in the transitions, such as “oneway lines” and “overlapping lines”. 

Your creativity will promote these unique lines.

1Line Puzzle Game you can play from anywhere, no Internet connection needed. Enjoy these connecting games at home or at work, at a park, on the train or bus, in other words everywhere!


It has come up with the Daily challenges.

It contains over 50 free, 1 LINE-Puzzle Game to solve.

The graphics are really colourful and fun sound effects are hilarious.

You need to connect the dots to complete the levels and get more stars.

The game is really easy to play yet interesting.

Download this completely FREE One Line draw puzzle game.