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How to Develop real-money games in order to get huge profits?

For the last couple of years, real money gaming has been growing day by day therefore it is the best time to invest in real money game development So Let’s look in deeper about it. As we all know, due to this corona pandemic situation most countries like the USA, UK, Asian countries have been affected but where gaming industries generate high revenue and still they are generating good revenue. 

Let’s understand what a real money game is?

Definition: A game that wags real money but is played by mobile online platforms.

In simple words, online casino real money game is a type of play where the real money used to play but it can be played on digital platforms like the mobile, computer and other devices. Users can withdraw money from their bank account and if the user becomes the winner, he/she also gets real money. As well as, users can credit money to their bank account.

It’s like playing games for real money at a casino. You need to purchase real cash chips to play games and play to make more chips, and eventually, you will exchange real cash chips. 

However, cash games aren’t just casinos or card games. Any multiplayer game will now be made into real-money sports. In general, if you win, you’ll win money and if you miss, you’ll lose money.

Game Feature for user app

User authentication:

The database can be registered and signed in by the user via email, name, contact number.

Main screen:

The user is allowed to search on the home screen, search filters (such as matches, sports) match category (Upcoming, LIVE, Results). See player lists for tournament titles and match timings.

User dashboard:

Details of accounts (referral cash bonus, winning amount, reward points, total balance). Manage payments, Overall rankings search, invite & win, mates, etc.

List of tournaments:

For any match, the section on tournaments adds full lists of the game. Users can filter competitions by entrance fee range, competition form, championship number and number of teams to participate. A tournament can be reached by a person. By providing registration fees, users are eligible to access the tournaments here. Users are allowed to choose fantasy teams by picking players based on experience and knowledge of player performance. 

By entering the names of the game, the overall winning number, costs, tournaments size and invitation to mates, users can create their own tournament. 

Multi-language support:

Users can access his/her native language. Option available on the main screen.

Payment gateway:

Through that gateway, user can add money into their wallet and withdraw it.

invite and earn:

gamers can use the app’s app’s URL to reference code to their mates. Users will also gain from the cash incentive or bonus points that are added to their wallet directly.

Game feature for admin app

Owner login:

Admin can log in through this feature.

Admin Dashboard:

All things can be seen from the dashboard by admin, such as all next or scheduled games, LIVE matches, matches already played, no participants and total revenue generated.

User management:

The admin has primary control of editing, changing, removing, installing, enabling and deactivating profiles.

League management:

Admin has fully primary control to change league schedule, deleting, updating, activated, deactivated.

Bonus cash management:

The admin has the full right to incorporate and administer the participants’ cash prizes.

CMS management:

The Support pages, About us, Email us and others may be handled by the admin.

Push notification:

Admin allows sending the notification to the user mobile about new league match timing, score, many more.

Things considered when you develop a real money game app


  1. Choose a best payment gateway

    -You should then pick the right payment gateway that has complete payment forms. The majority of payment methods make it easy to select the best and safe payment system for the customer.

    – Well, You have a lot of options, so in order to trust and make the payment fast, you can select the more ordinary payment portal for the normal people.

  2. Choose Best scalable server

    -It’s a most considerable thing when you develop a real money game because This would allow the application to manage a significant amount of users at a time.

    -If you hit traffic, then, at this same point, your game will crash, and you will never want to do that. You should understand as your server is not scalable. This will be really bad for you and it will have a massive impact on your company. The servers can also be highly scalable and give consumers the best support.

  3. Easy and fast payout option

    -Gamers spend hours using their app to win money so the method of payment/purchase should be easy and not surpass 3 steps.

    – If the coin-cash method is smooth and straightforward, it can build a misleading impression, and whenever it comes to cash withdrawals, the process is as complicated as completing a 6-minute or more time.

  4. Retaining Backup Policy

    -This is the key move to ensure that the customers’ data is alive before the game.

    -You can also automatically back up the user data with Online File Storage or other providers which have at least one week of information.

    -What happens to the information chips if anything goes wrong and you have no backup? Both chips and user details can be logged. You will need to ensure that the backup continuity policy is right.

Real money games are so popular but why? What’s the reason behind it?

Because of that, you can bring virtually a casino in your pocket if you have real money games on your mobile.

There was only one activity in the casino to gamble for money and only a few people were allowed to go and play at the casino. And nowadays, you have a mobile casino, and whenever and wherever you select, you can play and win from it.

There’s no need for a lot of storage and graphics for real money games, so they’re free. Releasing a lite version of the game or offering an alternative for decreased graphics and frame rate in the settings is the latest way to make larger games.

Here are the five best real money gaming examples everybody would play online at any time.

It is like visiting a casino playing real money games. You must buy real money chips to play games and then play to win more and finally swap chips for real money. chips for real money.

However, real money games are not just casinos or board games. Both multiplayer games are also available in actual cash games. As a rule, if you win, you win money and you fail, then you lose money. You lose money.

  1. Dream11
  2. Ace2Three
  3. Rummy Circle
  4. Poker
  5. Swagbucks


For those who are dreaming about pitching this area as a new way to stack cash.

They should now take their next step forward to develop a real money game and game much like rummy circle online cash, online casino real money, poker.

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