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Reversi online Game Development

In reality, today’s Reversi online game has been at the heart of our tasks and techniques, and most of our customers are searching for either one or the other variant of games. Highly comprehensive and even most advanced Development methods are used to ensure the creation of gaming apps that are much better than the client’s expectations.
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Features Of Reversi online Game App

Reversi is a pure strategy-based board game.

This game is for two players. In this game, you can also play against a computer.

The game starts with 4 disks, 2 white and 2 black disks, gradually each player puts his pieces.

The rule is, put your disk in a way that the opponent’s disk comes in between your two disks. This is applied horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

The objective is very simple – you have to cover as many checkers as possible, the player with the max number of disk wins in the end.

It tests your logical movements.

Helps sharpen your concentration.

Reversi is also known as the Othello game.

Reversi game is one of the most popular board games