Snakes & Ladders Game

OVERVIEW: Snakes And Ladders Game

Snakes and ladders is a very simple and exciting game, which is based on sheer luck, with some mind-blowing graphics.

Snakes and Ladders is a fortunate board game designed for the advance of ascending ladders from the smallest square to the largest. 

The snake and ladder board is often a 10 by 10 square grid and touches two separate squares on the front and back of the snakes per object and the top and bottom of the ladders, generally seen on aboard. 

There are different SNAKES and LADDER boards, but humans normally play the game with the dice or spinner and a playing piece. There are varying numbers of triangles, ladders and snakes. 

You will have to roll the dice in this game to travel to various locations on the board, where you will be dragged down by snakes on the path to the destination and lifted to a higher position by a ladder.

The game is a basic race contest based on pure luck and is popular with young children. The historical version has its origins in moral lessons, where the movement of a player up the board was a life path complicated by virtues (ladders) and vices (snakes). 

Landing at Snakes and Ladders on the head of a snake will usually move the player up to the appropriate snake tail and the player will move his piece on top of the ladder after landing at the base of the ladder. 

Several iterations of the Snakes and Ladders game have other things for dropping, rolling, or ascending. The game is sometimes referred to, especially in the Americas, as ‘Chutes and Ladders.’

The game is available for Android on Play Store. Download it today for free and enjoy your friends and family.

Features Of Snakes And Ladders

These games bring a perfect arcade to a classic 2P – 4P board. 

play through multiplayer online worldwide. 

You will play local multiplayer without the internet. 

You also can play on a single screen with your friends. 

Only shake your cell phone to get a quick-rolling dice. 

A fantastic dice game that totally depends on your fortune. 

You should invite your Facebook friends.

How to play snakes and ladders?

Any player places their counter on the ‘start here’ space that says.

To roll the dice, take it in turns. The number of spaces displayed on the dice moves your counter forward. 

You will go up to the top of the ladder if the counter lands at the bottom of the ladder. 

You would fall back to the bottom of the snake if the counter falls on the head of the snake. 

The winner is the first player to get to the room that says ‘home’.

This game was designed according to Hindu principles wherein the ladders are considered as virtue and the snakes, on the other hand, are known as evils in our life. 

There is a big philosophical sense behind this game that will mesmerize you once you understand the true meaning and relate this with your life.