Sholo Gutti Game

Sholo Gutti

Solo Guti Bead 16 ( Padmavyuham ) is very famous and most popular games in South- East Asia specifically in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Solo Guti’s game is very familiar in almost all parts of our country. It’s specifically a very popular board game in rural areas. This board game has so much popularity in some areas that sometimes people arrange a tournament of this favorite game. Solo Guti is a game of extreme patience and intelligence. One has to be very tactful and has to move a bead very carefully while playing. Solo Guti Bead 16 is the free online multiplayer board game to play with friends and family online.

How to Play:
This game begins between two players and there is 32 guti altogether of which everyone possesses 16 beads. Two players place their sixteen beads from the edge of the board. As a result, the middle line remains empty so that the players can make their move in the free spaces. It’s decided before who will make the first move to play.

After the beginning of the game, the players can move their beads one step forward, backward, right, and left and diagonally where there is an empty space. Each player tries to seize the opponent’s beads. If a player can cross a pawn of the other player than that bead will be deducted. Thus that player will be a winner who can capture all the beads of his opponent first.


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