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We turn your concept into a profitable 3D games, multi-million dollar reality and offer an exciting gaming experience to your clients. AppIndia’s aims to deliver unity3D gaming solutions that are top-notch.

Within a small amount of time, are you able to create a multiple platform game with high quality and improved rendering skills? Then, the platform you have to go for is Unity 3D game production. At AppIndia Technology, using a single 3D game development framework, we identify the game development requirements of our client in an exceptional way. We are known for turning the requirements of Unity game development into reality.

3D game development team designs beautiful games with immersive visualisations rich in AR and VR experiences. Our Unity3D developers provide you with the best-in-class games using sound knowledge of unit game programming. We deliver bug-free and impeccable 3D unit creation solutions that are unmatched in terms of functionality, design and performance. If you’re looking for Unity3D Game Developers, you’ve come to the right spot. AppIndia is a perfect destination for all your Unity game development needs.

unity game development


Unity 3D is the most trendy and secure platform for game creation, enabling developers to build games with less effort and less coding As a game development company, AppIndia technologies offers a full game development environment with outstanding visualisations and immersive gameplay.

We have a team of professional Unity3D game developers who, according to the requirements of the users, create rich and immersive games. For all the games produced by us, clients may rely on us for an outstanding gaming experience.


Unity3D game development

Unity3D is one of the most cutting-edge platforms for game creation, providing all possible modular tools to provide 2D and 3D games that connect and engage. Using Unity, game creation allows quality results to be achieved in an appropriate time frame. To build entertainment products of high revenue potential and flawless performance on smartphone, web, PC, or console, we use Unity for game design.

unity assets creation

Taking advantage of the capabilities of Unity assets, we create immersive 3D asset visualisations of real locations, future buildings or construction projects, concept art, and more to meet your business needs. Unity-based immersive 3D visualisation is an opportunity not only to determine the appearance but to dive into the environment as well. You can walk around and explore any corner, whether it is a space or an exhibition.

multiplatform support

For over 15 major platforms, Unity supports production with one-click deployment across all of them. You can either build concurrently or port in the future for multiple platforms. We would be able to deploy on many platforms simultaneously with only slight tweaks with respect to the platform-dependent features by maintaining a single codebase.

why we use a unity game engine?

In order to fulfil any project specifications, our Unity game studio carefully chooses the best technology. Unity is the engine that is revised, changed and replenished with new useful functions on a regular basis. And you can now see that the best alternative for your project is Unity.


Unity is the world’s leading 3D real-time platform that serves to build games of any kind as a complete solution for professionals.


For any project that will be developed for the web, consoles, PCs or mobiles, Unity as a game development engine provides limitless game solutions.

#Performance & FLEXIBILITY

For any project that will be developed for the web, consoles, PCs or mobiles, Unity as a game development engine provides limitless game solutions.

SUPPORT FOR Solutions for AR / VR

For any project that will be developed for the web, consoles, PCs or mobiles, Unity as a game development engine provides limitless game solutions.


Pick from a number of pricing structures


Video gaming is an industry that is rapidly growing and continuously evolving. For millions of individuals in modern culture, games have become a popular pass-time task. Employ a dedicated team of Unity 3D game developers if you want to make a small-scale mobile game in 2D or 3D. In such a case, pay on a monthly basis for as long as you want the services to be continued.

fixed price model

For large-scale mobile game development projects, the fixed price model is an acceptable pricing model. If you are planning to develop a 3D mobile game with a wide range of features, the most reasonable choice is to select a fixed price model. Share with our developers your game requirements and let us finalise a fixed price to decide the cost of development.

hourly rate model

The most convenient and cost-effective pricing models are the hourly models. Choose the hourly model and pay to create the game for the total amount of hours it will take. We deliver competitive per-hour development rates as an offshore game development company, making it easier for customers to get cost-effective Unity 3D gaming solutions.


With its highly talented unity game development team, AppIndia has rich experience with the Unity 3D game development platform as an established company in the field of cross-mobile app development. We aim to provide an exclusive gaming experience for users and consumers to catch their interests. Our Unity 3D game development business is working hard and developing to create remarkable games that are highly influential in overcoming the interests of people.

It might be the right option to turn your ideas into highly specific games for Unity 3D game developers working with us. The development of Unity3D games has allowed multi-platform deployment with a single high-performance code. It has allowed game developers to concentrate and provide users with an innovative and immersive gaming experience.

We are also a specialist in the development of mobile games, including the development of iPhone games, development of iPad games, development of android games, development of windows games, development of Facebook games, development of blackberry games, development of pc games and development of online games.

Hire our Unity 3D game developers to acquire the best support and features for games development at an effective cost.

process we follow


As apart of unity 3D game development which according to your company’s specific needs, we define the analysis paper on Complete Requirements,  Technical ability, administrative problems and solutions, Project Knowledge and Scope


We are Creating a Priority List (graphics, animations, sounds etc), Scheduling of time and calculation of any mission, Creating a document/chart of the workflow, Decide the flow of work and test cases & test plans, Decide on the flow of task submission work. 


Game Design is the essence of every product/game. Game Design is indicative of the mastery of translating an idea to reality. It is the most innovative, imaginative and difficult task in any game. To make good and high-quality UI-UX, it’s important. 


Collision, physics, sounds with sculpture, graphics, animation, VFX. Scene/level management, AI, spawning and destruction of dynamic objects, resource loading and unloading, shaders, rendering, waste collector handling, use of CPU&GPU, game loading, development for multi-platforms, implementation of ads


As a leading 3D Game development firm, we make sure that the result is debugged and bug-free. The creation of our unity web game works effectively on all platforms, and we can make it for you based on your feedback if you want changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Multiple platform support. One script can be compiled for many platforms.
  • Easy drag and drop options to set up your scenes. The latest versions also have an augmented reality plugin integrated.
  • Great tool for AR and VR development for both standalone and mobile.
  • We can compile them as native projects and use them in existing projects. Eg. Adding AR into an existing native app.
  • you have an asset store with many free models we can use.
  • You have a big online community and knowledge base as compared to any other third party technology.
  • I personally had a lot of issues only with iOS.
  • They usually don’t keep up with native SDK changes and are always one or two steps behind. For eg., apple might change something on an upcoming SDK version and it will not be documented too soon and we will have a hard time understanding the cause of crashes.
  • There are many native androids and iOS UI elements that cannot be easily implemented on unity3d unless we use third-party plugins which may sometimes also not work as expected.
  • It is never safe to use the latest release. It might contain more bugs than the previous version and can result in a lot of crashes which is hard to debug and might heavily delay deployment while on a tight deadline.
Cross-platform development Unity is a cross-platform tool, meaning that you can easily create apps for Android, iOS, and Windows with very few alterations needed. When it comes to creating games, the best tool in my opinion is Unity. Yes, you can make a game in Android Studio, but unless you're experienced with Java and the Android SDK it will be an uphill struggle. ... Unity is a highly professional tool that powers the vast majority of the biggest selling titles on the Play Store.
Definitely. Unity is a great engine for developing games. It is cross-platform software so you can develop games for many operating systems like PC, Android, iOS, and Linux by developing it for one. It develops interactive games with beautiful graphics and sound quality. Unity has its own IDE and is famous worldwide for developing games. With its efficient prototyping ability, unity 3D game development has become the first choice for developing interactive and exhilarating gaming solutions.

1. Platform Support – This is one of the biggest advantages of Unity. It is compatible with platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, and many other platforms. Due to multiple platform support, the app developed in one platform can be easily shared with other platforms. Besides, its methodology allows for speedy prototyping, which in turn reduce the time required to develop apps

2. IDE – The engine consists of an in-built IDE which is used to write the project code. Additionally, the integrated development editor supports programming languages like JScript or C# for scripting. Along with this, it provides features that are suitable for game development.

3. Debugging – Debugging in Unity is a pleasure for every game developer. The support for debugging is nice because all the variables are displayed in the gameplay.

4. Graphics – It supports high-quality audio and visual effects that support easing the game development. The visuals are capable of adapting to every screen and device.

5. Community – Unity enjoys the support of a large community of users that keep the engine updated and offer wide built components for sound, physics, rendering, and controls.

6. Analytics – Unity consists of built-in analytics which you can easily find in the editor. Thanks to Unity Analytics, you can get very deep insights into your game. It gives you information that can be used to improve the gameplay by doing some modifications and offer an awesome gaming experience for the players.

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. UI stands for User Interface. In Unity speak, these are different things. GUI refers to the legacy OnGUI and editor GUI systems. ... A GUI is just a Graphical User Interface which is 2D by default unless graphics used are made to look 3D. When you click create panel Unity simply creates its internal prefab for the panel. This is the same as creating a cube or any of the other built-in GameObjects. There is no cube class. The cube is a GameObject with mesh, renderer and collider components attached.


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